Janette Roberts Artist - About


I can say that my interest in art started from a very early age - I have always drawn. I was never happier than when I had a pencil and paper and when that ran out it was any available space, even newspaper margins! I took my art outdoors too - every flagstone of the pavement in our street in that South Wales valley where I grew up, deserved a picture. When chalk was in short supply I utilised other materials - stones, fragments of slate, brick and of course coal all of which offered interesting textures and colours.

"Compromising develops imagination and vision"

I think improvising and exploring what I had available to me greatly influenced my work today. Compromising develops imagination and vision. Seeing potential in something that would  normally be overlooked to me is fascinating. In my work I like to appreciate what I have around me. I put colour in the colourless, and a charm in modest surrounding. I try not to conform to a particular style, so my work remains varied both in subject and medium.

I was lucky enough to study art as a mature student, firstly at Bridgend College where I gained a distinction and then later an Honours Degree at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff. After a long break, finally, I now have a studio of my own and have been fortunate enough to exhibit my work with Kevin Sinnott at Studio 18 in his "Scale" exhibition.

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I hope you enjoy looking at my work on this website. If you would like to contact me with any enquires, or if you wish to purchase my artwork, you can do so by heading over to my contact page.